Our Story

In pursuit of resolving her own skin concerns, Liveau’s founder Lindie Alant, decided to use her passion for skincare to create a premium skincare range.

She first started in her kitchen at home, researching and formulating numerous different oils and testing the effect on her own skin and was amazed with the results.

It was very important to Lindie to develop the best quality products and together with an expert formulator, Lindie began formulating her first skincare line for the consumer market. The best ingredients were selected with specialist input.

Liveau has since evolved from a homemade skincare range into a professionally formulated skincare brand, designed to bring out the beauty in everyone by giving them the confidence that comes from having beautiful, glowing and nourished skin.

Why Liveau

At Liveau we pride ourselves in our commitment to producing skincare products of the highest quality whilst providing our customers with the best value for money.

We believe in a holistic approach in caring for one’s skin, internally through collagen supplementation as well as externally through the topical application of high-quality creams. All our primary ingredients are 100% natural, designed to nourish your skin from the in- and outside.

We appreciate the busy lifestyles of our customers and have therefore simplified our skincare range by creating products that are multi-functional, ensuring that your skin’s needs are met in a few easy steps.

Start transforming your skin into healthy, vibrant and younger looking skin today!